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Storytelling is hard, even for amazing companies and public figures. We help our clients navigate that difficult ecosystem.

What do we do

About Medius Ventures

Medius Ventures starts and grows media brands, including The Rising, develops internal software tools for media companies, and helps 7 to 10-figure revenue companies attract leads by refining their content strategy and leverage their own blogs to convert their readers into paying customers.

We understand that media is full of nuance and often a difficult ecosystem to navigate. We’re here to help.
Client-focused growth strategies

Media is almost always a guessing game. But some guesses are better than others.

Nothing is ever certain in the media business, but that doesn’t mean companies can’t take steps to manage their everyday risk. When we think about content strategy at Medius Ventures, we really mean empathizing with our clients and their customers. When we think about developing internal software tools for our clients, we’re constantly thinking about how we can automate away redundant and help our clients save time and resources. 
We like to think ourselves as partners to successful companies so they can focus on what they know how to do best and we can do what we know how to do best.


Everything we do at Medius relies heavily on following the data. When we’re growing our own media brands, we’re constantly iterating and improving on the ways we reach our audiences. We track everything we do and have an obsession over understanding who our users are and how we can deliver the most value to them. That’s the mindset we bring to our clients.

In the media ecosystem, companies often lose out on valuable opportunities when they choose to ignore the data. When we partner with our clients, we never ignore the data. Whether we’re helping build internal software tools or with copies or content strategy, we crunch the numbers and make decisions accordingly. We understand that media is a numbers game, and leverage that all the time.

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